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The history of Throne

Throne productions is a record/distribution/mailorder label here in Cyprus, we are also supporting Darkera e-mail club/newsletter as well as the internet magazine The Zodiac Chronicle. We are also arranging live concerts here like ROTTING CHRIST on the 11th of January 1998. Coming soon a SEPTIC FLESH concert and a ROTTING CHRIST & GODBLOOD release party. THE RECORD LABEL :  THE SEASONS OF WITHER- "Under a spell of a sting moon" is our new release which we expect a great response due to their unique style and the great production. VIRGIN MEGASTORE will distribute this release in Cyprus.  GODBLOOD and LETHARGY comes next. Both bands will play live and arrange their release parties with big names as ROTTING CHRIST... A song from GODBLOOD was included in Junes issues of METAL HAMMER (GRE), their 7" is selling very quick. Their demo is already SOLD OUT!!! THRONE DISTRIBUTION :   We distribute MUSIC FOR NATIONS, CENTURY MEDIA, NUCLEAR BLAST, NOISE/MODERN MUSIC, MASSACRE, AVANTGARDE, MISANTHROPY, HOLY, NAPALM, THE END, NIGHTBREED, DRAGONHEART, NO FASHION , NYX, DARK SYMPHONIES, DIPLEASED, HYPERVOREA... DARKERA NEWSLETTER,we distribute as well all the magnificent releases of Mr Doctor's DEVIL DOLL


We have managed to gather over 3000 members in a period of one year and a half of existence. We have issued 24 newsletters, we have interviewed IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY, SAVIOUR MACHINE, ANCIENT RITES, ROTTING CHRIST, THE SOIL BLEED BLACK, PENITENT, EINHERJER, ALGAION... We were co-operating with various zines as well as Seventh Sign, Metal Hammer in Greece. With the foundation of THE ZODIAC CHRONICLE magazine on the net, we were the first supporters there as we did interviews for ALGAION, IMPERIUM and APOSTASY on issue #1, we also add news from Darkera. On the next issue ROTTING CHRIST and UNHOLY interviews will be featured.  The news on both the newsletter and web-magazine are given mostly from CENTURY MEDIA, NOISE, MASSACRE, AVANTGARDE, NUCLEAR BLAST and of course the bands...

Where you can find us!!!!


E-MAIL: FAX/TEL: 00357-2-332224


Some news!!!!!

Release Date 1/6/98    THE SEASONS OF WITHER-Under thE spelL of a stinG mooN
 a    f r e e      f o r m     o f      p r o g r e s s i v e      m u s i c