The SEASONS of WITHER - "under the spell of a sting moon"

Feeling the change of seasons sometimes comes like a strange surprise and indeed the SEASONS of WITHER surprised with their change too , as the years and the musical expressions end and begin. 1994-1996 «..we withered and wither still. withered. Alone even together..» -«Withered» 1995 Creation can be really fascinating , in fact so fascinating that you can always believe that a musical state can continuously improve. It took one year of studio sessions and four months of recordings for the SOW to release their debut demo. A land of melancholic and atmospheric mixture of sounds, with very progressive intentions. The very limited number of copies ,proved amazingly thing but quiet for the SOW. With the departure of the bass guitar player and the obvious will for the next musical cycle the band begins the arrangement of new material. During that Autumn(1996) after listening to their debut demo Throne visited them in Athens and offered them a deal that was accepted immediately.

1997 finds the SEASONS of WITHER with some new tracks in an early stage and a new member, Jim Koutzas. But the music is now completely different as the members use new methods of arrangement (programming) and recording (sampling). By Autumn , THRONE Productions and the bandís just formed publishing service, CLOCKWORK KKUNGA agree in releasing the debut SOW CD. The recordings last five months , with many and continuous re-mixes and re-editions until the new yearís first weeks . Finally after a some months delay the release is ready. The title? Under the spell of a sting moon. 1998 «the path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom.» -William Blake And it is the Summer of 1998 that will witness the new sound of the SEASONS of WITHER. Fifty minutes of freeform progressive music , a journey through electric noise to classical parts , from psychedelia to acoustic breaks and from modern forms of rock to break beats.. Under the spell of a sting moon is a CD for listeners who can dispose of labels and have the will of travelling through expressions and forms that wonít apply to a common style but will enable an approach of perception and an escape off this fleshy prison.

The cover of there first Cd